Homepage Re-design

User research & UX design project

In 2019 we completed some user research on our current homepage to investigate what content we could add to increase account creation and also re-assure & instore confidence potential customers.

The Brief

The original homepage was simple, pushing clients to complete an 'Easy sign up journey' or view our Bestselling products. This lead to an increase in account creations but ultimately a high percentage of these accounts never started a plan or paid into the scheme. We where asked to review and gather some user research on the current homepage and propose some solutions.

Reviewing the old homepage.

Using the trymyUI platform we recorded a number of users first impressions of the homepage of our website. the clip below shows the general thoughts and feelings towards the homepage. With a 90+% mobile useage rate we only focussed on mobile concepts for this research.

We completed a design sprint, members of the UX team, SEO team, Quality team and Customer care all gave feedback in what our homepage should represent and feature. To the right (desktop) or bottom (mobile) you can see my final proposed design. This design along with 3 others from members of the UX team were then placed through trymyUI and user feedback was gathered on each design. You can see my feedback in the video below.

After a week long sprint we gathered of new feedback and the homepage was updated with a new longer content style with the key features we identified. Below you can see some of the feedback in CSV format.

feedback CSV

My Proposed design.

From the original homepage research we discovered there was a lack of understanding of our product offering and trust was also an issue due to competitors going into administration several years prior

I decided on two key points for my design. A simple header which would dynamically update to show new users how a small weekly payment could add up to a large savings pot delivered in time for christmas, and the second to increase trust by displaying things such as the CPA and Digicert..

PIM Image report

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