Current Project

My current project has pushed me to learn Hugo Static site generator (SSG). The aim is to completely redesign The Driving Academy website and migrate it away from wordpress. After discussions there are several reasons for choosing Hugo SSG.

The Brief

Despite current optimisation efforts, including caching, next gen images and compressed images load times of the current website are average. The aim is to build a website which fits within google guidelines wherever possible. Lightweight, bespoke code designed to maximise performance and increase SEO efforts is the target. Google recommends webpages under the size of 500kb - a fraction of the current 3.8mb webpages.

How I'm doing it

Nothing loads faster than static content but I wanted to retain some elements of a content management system. After researching some static site generators I decided to use Hugo. Hugo is relatively new but one of the fastest SSG's available. Using markdown for content files with front matter for page specific template materials it felt like a great fit.

Initial results have been impressive on perfomance and SEO sides. Below is a comparison (Wordpress top to Hugo SSG bottom)

Page Size Load Time (pingdom) Content to HTML Pingdom Score Page speeds (mob / desktop)
3.8mb 1.25s 1.91% D 70 Mob 30
Desktop 60
410.8kb 130ms 29.78% A 91 Mob 93
Desktop 95

The Plans

The website already features great content and conversion rates through the enquiry form are good, for this project a bespoke look following a similar layout ws required. I started a new design in Adobe XD for all key pages, in the design stage a new post-code look-up feature has been created for the homepage which will redirect the user to the correct area landing page whilst logging the entered postcode for statistical reasons.

If you would like to see the initial XD files, you can download them below.

Download project XD file

Let's talk!

I'm currently looking for a new challenge - please feel free to get in touch however you prefer!

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